Friday, September 12, 2008

1961 How-To-Do-It Encyclopedia (Part 8)


I am really enjoying this section. I wish there was more room in our house for me to get creative with some built-ins but we are kinda limited. There are some pretty good ideas show in the sketches, maybe someone could use these as inspiration...

These fold out beds would take quite a bit of engineering. Good use of closet built-ins. Everyone knows most older homes don't have enough closet space.
I really dig this pass thru with upper and lower storage space.
Man, the first bar supported by metal poles is the best.
The little revolving bar is pretty slick.
I like the hideaway desk idea built right into the kitchen counter.
This wall unit is pretty funky. It would probably be better at more of a buffet level. The tile mosaic wall is awesome.
I really wish I could think of a good way to make something like this work. The problem being it the TV goes to hell, your up the creek. The lamp in this picture reminds me of a post, Pam of Retro Renovation, did on lamps. The Progress ad she shows is from 1961. The same year this book set was published. You can see it HERE.

Quote from this Built-In Hi-Fi page:

"Hi-Fi FEVER is sweeping the country and it's an enjoyable epidemic."

Makes me laugh just reading it.

That's all for now. Next up...

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