Monday, January 7, 2008

Have a Seat...

We found this beautiful chair in a Madison antique mall this December. The rosey colored textured fabric looks like it was put on yesterday. It rocks and swivels which adds to the usability. The lines are slicker than snot. For 40 bones it wasn't a bad deal at all.

Still trying to find a propper home for it to stay but it is small enough to move where we need it. So until a lightbulb goes on, it will just be a hobo in our house...moving from room to room.


Anonymous said...

Very nice.

I love the lines of chairs like that and, as you say, the rocking and swiveling just make it so comfortable. Sounds like you got a great deal for 40 bucks!

Thanks for sharing this.

50s Pam said...

Nice! Isn't original vintage upholstery from the 50s and 60s the best?