Saturday, August 16, 2008

Recent Tiki Finds...

Here are a few of my finds from the last couple of months...

Ceramic salt and pepper shakers along with a toothpick holder from Walgreens of all places. They were dirt cheap and pretty neat for a box store item.

Left to Right: A OMC Sumo Flip mug. A frankenstein looking Tiki mug was a gift from my Mom. A Benihana Geisha girl mug. The sumo flip and Geisha were only a dollar at a thrift store.

Left to right: Kon Tiki style pitcher. Another Fireside Resturant Moai for my collection. Both from our Milwaukee trip.

Left to right: A New Zeland style carving from a thrift store. A Coco Joe's statue just like Monica's Find...

Small shot mugs that were a gift from my Mom. The center is a Cheeky Tiki shot glass marked Savannah Georgia.

Kon Tiki style salt and pepper shakers from our Milwaukee trip. Match books from Disney's Polynesian Village and the Las Vegas Castaways Hotel, Restaurant and Casino.

Here is a vintage photo of the Castaways in all of its glory.


Apron Thrift Girl said...

Very cool tiki finds. Do you have a tiki room or do these items get distributed about the house?

The Big Woo said...

Ha... Nope. I wish I had a room devoted to Tiki stuff. Right now they are stuffed into a display cabinet in our living room. Seen here:

The poor little cabinet is busting at the seams with twice as much stuff as in the picture. At some point I would like to build something to hold my collection.

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